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Reduce Moisture Basement

Posted on 08 September, 2017 by Grace A. Pitcock
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backstagewithkim.com -Reduce Moisture Basement ... Once the sources of moisture are controlled, the easiest way to reduce moisture in the air is with a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can pull gallons of moisture from the air each day. It is the best way to reduce basement moisture. Purchase a high-quality dehumidifier and drain it into a basement drain.

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Reduce Moisture Basement dry up your wet basement for good .... Get Rid of Excess Humidity. Eliminating the sources of humid air will help dry out your basement. Seal leaky dryer vents with foil tape to prevent unwanted humid air from entering your basement. Don’t just use duct tape; it’ll eventually fall off. Add a vent fan to your basement bathroom and make sure your family turns it on during showers.

3 ways to prevent humidity in a basement. Remove moisture from the air with a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier isn't a permanent solution to moisture in the basement, but it will remove excess humidity while you fix the cause of the problem. Place the dehumidifier in the dampest part of the basement and turn it on.

How to reduce moisture through basement walls and floors. Concrete block basement: Concrete block basements are similar to cinderblock, but a bit easier because the concrete is not hollow. Densifiers and water repellents can be used to reduce the movement of water and moisture through the pores so long as the grout is in great condition.

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