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Ceiling Cat Basement Cat

Posted on 02 May, 2017 by Michael T. Shearer
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backstagewithkim.com -Ceiling Cat Basement Cat Ceiling Cat is a photoshop meme based on a photograph of a cat peeking through a hole in the ceiling of a room. Its online popularity eventually led to several derivative characters, including his nemesis Basement Cat and Basement Horse.

Who Is Ceiling Cat? A Brief History Of This Divine

Who Is Ceiling Cat? A Brief History Of This DivineSource: obeythekitty.com

Ceiling Cat Vs Basement CatSource: cuddlebuggery.com

Basement Cat Vs Ceiling CatSource: battlecreator.wikia.com

Basement Cat Vs, Ceiling Cat (page )Source: www.pinterest.com

Amy LetinskySource: amyletinsky.wordpress.com

Ceiling cat and basement cat. That’s it. Around that single image people have developed the battle of good versus evil, God versus the Devil and light versus darkness. The ceiling cat is the heavenly one on high spying on us or looking down on us while basement cat is in…yes you guessed it, the basement, in the darkness, down there.

Ceiling Cat Basement Cat . It needs good lighting to your beautiful house in case your ceiling cat basement cat seems claustrophobic because of the lack of light getting into the home. ceiling cat basement cat. The space light is one of many easy methods to create your house that is little experience greater. In arranging the home design, this must be performed. Our white cat has one green eye and one blue eye just like

Who is ceiling cat? a brief history of the divine kitty. Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat: An Eternal Struggle. Ceiling Cat is the force of all that is good in the universe, and the source of all purring. Throughout all of time he must battle Basement Cat, an evil, black, subterranean cat similar to what humans call, “Satan.” New: Basement Cat T-Shirt. Star Wars fans would say the Ceiling Cat is

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